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An Alternative to Finding a New Home

Selling a home can be a sad experience because of the memories that are left behind. Before deciding to sell your house and buy a new one, you should first consider all of the ways to improve your current home. One of the most common reasons why people sell a house and buy a new one is that they need more available living space. You might need another bathroom or more bedrooms. Perhaps a new home office is necessary or the addition of a rental unit makes sense financially. Instead of facing the hassle of enlisting real estate agents, listing the house, searching for a new house and paying listing and closing fees associated with the sales, a home addition can greatly increase your living space and add further value to your home. It is a perfect way to combine the memories of the old with the exciting possibilities of the new, while avoiding the inflated real estate market.

Freedom to Design at the Lowest Price

Deciding to build a home addition makes the most sense in terms of being able to express your creativity and adding the most value to your home. Modular Home Additions is the best choice when choosing a home addition contractor. The software they use is industry-leading and allows you to customize as much of the addition as you want, or you can opt for one of the predesigned models. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is unrivaled, as is their professional customer service. The practice of pre-constructing as much as 50% of more of off-site in a weather-controlled facility translates into savings upwards of 30% over traditional builders.

Everything is Taken Care of

Modular Home Additions will work closely with you to choose the correct design and layout for your home addition. Once the design is chosen the permits will be acquired and the addition will start to be built in the factory. All the details are accounted for (including everything from drywall, plumbing, electrical wiring and even painting). Pre-construction off-site means that the disruption of construction at your home is minimalized and you and your family can stay in your home while the work is being completed.
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